Welcome to the website for the Class of '59 of Highland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is our web resource to remember our shared past, catch up on our current status, and to stay connected.

We hope you enjoy our web site.  As you explore these pages, you’ll find a variety of connections to classmates and memories and an opportunity to stay in touch by mail through the site.

Greetings to the HHS Class of ’59!

Well, the Sixtieth High School Reunion is an event of the past, and the hundreds of little gerbils trained by our webmaster have finally produced a page dedicated to it, located here.

Also, please update your mailing address if it has changed in the last five years. We will be sending invitations by USPS with more information as we move closer to the event and will need correct addresses.

We continue to update the “Missing Classmates” and the “Address” page as you send in your advisories. Remember,...no advisories, no updates. Thanks so much for your cards, letters, e-mails and calls.

We need you to stay up to date.  Use this webmaster link to post letters, to keep lists up to date, and contribute news and information. We continue to receive a number of updates and photos for the Where We Are page! Please let us know what's happening with you these days!

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Sadly enough, as of the rapidly approaching end of 2020, Michael Hanz is still the current webmaster for HHS59.org, despite his pitiful pleas from the dungeon to be released before the gerbils get him. They are becoming an unruly bunch. The reunion committee seems strangely unmoved by his plight....


What's on this Site?

  • Where We Are: Photos and info served with a little history, a little pride, a little touch of humor.
  • Missing Classmates: Do you know where any of these classmatres are?  Help us find everyone so we can stay in touch.
  • Scholarship Fund: Help us send the next generation of Hornets buzzing out into the world.  Participate in our Highland Scholarship Fund.
  • Remember When?: A look at our shared past, featuring well aged photos sauced with vintage memories.
  • In Memory: A list of classmates we’ve lost.
  • Addresses: The most recent addresses (some hopelessly out of date).
  • Teachers: The HHS 59 teachers we know about today.
  • The Mail Box: The latest word. Letters from our classmates.
  • 1999 Reunion: Pictures and stories from the ‘99 Reunion.
  • 2004 Reunion Portraits: We have portraits of folks with their wives, friends, lovers, family, or whomever they wanted in their portrait (other than inflatable dolls).
  • 2009 Reunion Coverage: Work in progress.
  • 2014 Reunion Dinner Photos from October 11, 2014.


This site is sponsored by John Stewart, class of '59.

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