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Remember when


Hello '59ers! Below, check out some of the stories we remember from our days at Highland, and some flashbacks to what was up when we were seniors! Click the titles to see some stories from the Hornet, or click the links on some of our flashbacks to read more about them.

Here’s A Little Quiz:

Can You Find The HHS 59 Classmates In This Brownie Troop From University Heights Elementary? Hint: One Married A Baseball Player, One Is Among the Missing, And Two Attended The ‘04 Reunion And Danced Their Little Feet Off.


Remember When.... We were joining clubs where we shared interests of the day and our perceived futures, our bragging rights and our bluffs.



And remember the smart ones? There were 63 seniors initiated into the Charlotte Trusdale chapter of the National Honor Society in 1959. Bruce Lemm was president that year. We had 7 semifinalists for the General Motors Scholarship and 11 qualifying National Merit Scholars in our graduating class.


In sports HHS59 RULES! We were terrific in every field of competitive sports and had enthusiastic club participation in a variety of other sports. Remember our heroes?

Do you remember...

Colts Take Super Bowl III; Unitas MVP (outside link)


In the tradition of the day we recognized some of the prettiest, smartest and best liked classmates to reign over our glamour events. They were a beautiful group of young women....remember?

Popular New 'Pantyhose' Ease Women's Lives