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'99 Reunion


 CLASS OF 1959


Click here for a photo tour of the 1999 reunion.

We’ll be putting a photo tour of the 2004 reunion soon.

Now for a report on the 2004 reunion from your roving HHS59 Web Site Editor



or at least the best our sixty something minds can remember.

Many thanks to Lee Trussell and all the committee for work done to make it so.  The turn out was great and what a rambunctious crowd we were.  You might be surprised ( if you couldn’t make it) how many notes we got that mentioned sore feet!

The weekend actually started on Thursday evening with the Homecoming Assembly, attended by about a dozen senior Hornets from the class of 59. Penny Naughton Beaumont and Russell Goff presented the school with a check for about $2500 for the class project, The Emergency Scholarship Fund. It has been reported that there is a definite difference in the attire today’s Hornets choose for such events and what we use to wear. And apparently there is a lot more energy and perhaps talent and money, going into decorations.  Twisted crepe paper and balloons don’t cut it anymore.

The ladies’ get together, hosted by Carol Culbertson Hoffman and Ann Blue Wolf, was a warm and friendly way for the women to start off together. We sipped in the shade of the Carol’s porch and trees in their lovely yard.

A sumptuous BBQ (catered by RIBS) and casual get together at Norm Lazar’s and his recent bride, Betsy Vincent’s house on Rio Grande was the official opener to the weekend. What a great site for the event! The Lazars outdid themselves for us and the results were a lovely time.

The football contingent left about 6:30 to watch the Homecoming game.  The Hornets so thoroughly trounced the Valley Vikings there was little suspense about the outcome.

Saturday we had a Dutch Treat lunch at the old Frank’s Drive In, now Hurricanes, on Lomas.  There were neat old cars, (Jim Stafford’s 40 Ford hot rod and ’63 Corvette, driven by Billy Buzzard, and Rod Blankley’s great old Bentley) and a few poodle skirts in evidence ( Patty Lou and Janet looked great!)  The present owner, Greg, went to considerable trouble to make it feel like “our party”. The committee did some decorating and it was neat.

The BIG event was, of course, on Saturday evening at the Hyatt Regency downtown.  Lee, our forever class president and committee chairman, and his well-connected wife (Jotina does a lot of fund raising in this community) got wonderful cooperation from the Hyatt with clever decorations and helpful staff (maybe the bar line got a bit long at times...hey, with all that dancing, folks get thirsty!)

Marty Clifton and Jarrett Galbreth spent a lot of time putting together an amazing collection of our-era music from Bill Haley (obvious) to Dinah Washington (had to twist those rockers’ arms) and scads of terrific tunes all evening. Hearing the songs right off the records seemed to really energize this crowd and there was a lot of fine foot work and fun steppin’ out.  History teacher and tennis coach, Al Kaplan and Mary Jane Trombley, a very handsome couple I might add, won the dance contest after some strong competition from John and Marie Stewart and Bob and Judy Runge Geilenfledt, the runners up.

Fun as the dancing was, the best part, as always, was the getting together!  That part was accomplished by the effort of classmates; Beth McRae Shepherd came all the way from Australia and Blaise Chamberlin Domino from Hawaii.  We’re grateful to everyone who made the trip, across town or the globe and only wish more of you could have made it.  There’ll always be another one ‘til the last of us totters off to the beat of 50’s Rock and maybe next time! In the mean time, stay in touch through the website.