2009 Reunion Photo Progress

Well, there is not a tremendous amount of progress to report so far. Faced with an overwhelming number of photos (1,223!) to catalog, code, and provide linked (accurate) captions to at least the registration photos, a task force was created to analyze ways of dealing with such a crushing load of html coding. The budget would not permit purchase of a modern web page creator (the original only worked on MS-DOS or something like that), so it was decided that the most cost effective method would be the use of trained gerbils. Generations of gerbils have been running in their little wheels (with appropriate time for rest and relaxation) and are now proud to present the first 40 photos from the 2009 Reunion registration desk set taken by John Coyne.

Click on the following link to view them.

It is hoped that we can present more results in the coming year. Stay tuned!