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This section of the Web site is where you get to tell us your latest news. After the 50th Reunion, we should be receiving updates once again, so join in and give us news on where you are and what you're doing. The 2003-2004 letters are all gradually being moved over to "Where We Are" so that we are starting fresh with 2008-2009 updates. Click on the name of the writer below to go to the letter you want to read.

Send post mail to: HHS59
                         71 Arroyo Venada,
                         Placitas, NM 87043

Or e-mail to:webmaster

Recently we’ve heard from:

Walt Kiekhaefer October 5, 2010

Sandra (Barrows) Shuler, June 29, 2010

Elaine (Urbanski) Dillon, March 10, 2009

Patti Lou Camp, Sept. 28, 2004
Fulton, Sept. 14, 2004
Radin, Sept. 2, 2004
Pond, Sept. 9, 2004
Lake Nesbitt, Sept. 6, 2004
Imbt Riggins, Sept. 2, 2004
Sharon Swortwood Reimann, August 28, 2004
Pamela Jo
Johnson Griffith, August 23, 2004
Burmeister Griffith, August 22, 2004
Holt Shattuck, August 18, 2004
Lemm, May 12, 2004
Hicks, April 23, 2004, Sept. 14, 2004
Sahling Wright, July 23, 2004
Wood, August 4, 2004
Benham Szvetecz, August 10, 2004
Allen, August 1, 2004
Cordova Little, July 9, 2004
Beauchamp, April 24, 2004
Hall, April 12, 2004
John (Keibel)
Blackwood, March 8, 2004
Robert B (Bob)
Butler, March 5, 2004
Solenberger, February 25 & July 20, 2004
(Kepler) Reid, February 24, 2004
Clausen, February 24, 2004
John Bart
Wilburn, February 23, 2004
Naughton Beaumont, February 22, 2004
Zimmerman,Jan.4, 2001, February 21, 2004, August 11, 2004
Katherine and Marty
Clifton, February 16, 2004
Davis, January 14, 2004    
Lowry Doe, December 1, 2003
Moore, June 11, 2003



Walt Kiekhaefer, October 5, 2010

I was a part of the class of 59 for two years, but left Highland in October of 58 so I did not graduate with my class. I played sophomore football in 56 and broke my arm. Otherwise my stay at Highland was not particularly remarkable. I ended up graduating from East High in Akron, Ohio; started college at the University of Colorado where I ran into other Hornets, Charlie Abernathy, Mike Anderson (class of 58);then went into the Navy where I ran into some other ex-Hornets (Gary Gore-transferred to Sandia, and Larry Franzmeier) After the Navy, I returned to Akron and graduated from the University of Akron in 67, and got and MBA in 84. I have spent my career as a programmer/analyst and have worked for IBM, Sperry, AT&T, several contracting companies, and retired from Yellow Roadway in 07.

So although I didn’t graduate from Highland, I have been back to Albuquerque several times and my mother is buried there.

My address is: 4761 Rolling View Dr., Akron, Oh 44333


Elaine (Urbanski) Dillon, March 10, 2009

Hi, I just can't believe 50 years have passed. It seems like only yesterday that we were at a homecoming game with our favorite beau and cheering on our favorite team.

I am truly sorry that due to a planned out of the country trip I will be unable to attend the reunion. I was there for the 40th and it was a blast.

I have always missed Albuquerque and all my great friends with whom I still correspond after all these years. Real good friends are hard to find.

Anyway, here is an update for your GREAT web site:

My name and address have now changed. After 25 years of single life I met the love of my life, "a boy named Bill", and this June we will be cerebrating our fifth anniversary. My life has changed dramatically. I am now retired from my profession as an interior designer and Roycroft potter and spend a good deal of time traveling with my husband. This year alone we have been to Seattle, San Diego, New York, Sarasota, Dallas, London, and Paris. Since traveling has always been my passion, I am truly in heaven. Since the last time we met I now have two grandchildren, Hannah who is 10 and Henry who is 6. Bill's daughter and my three children and two grandchildren all live within 30 minutes of our house which is situated on 60 acres that we share with many deer, racoons, rabbits and wild turkeys. We live about 25 minutes from Buffalo and about 5 minutes away from a great little town which seems to have everything you need including a movie theater. Our winters are spent watching the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills (GO BILLS) and our summers are taken up mostly with golf and grandchildren.

That's all for now. Have a great reunion and hopefully I will be able to attend the next big one. See you all then.


Elaine Dillon
769 Mill Rd.
East Aurora, NY 14052


John Bart Wilburn, February 23, 2004

I enjoyed seeing the excellent web site you and your colleagues have prepared .........if I may take this opportunity of writing to you, I will tell of
life since and how things work out, and I attach a photo to reveal the
effects of time (not received-ed.). I matriculated at UNM in ‘59 majoring in physics until Vietnam got in the way and took 4 years, and then
returned to UNM in ‘66 to earn my B.S. and M.S in physics, ‘68 and ‘70
respectively. Following that, I married Laura, a gymnast at UNM, and we
have three children and one grandchild. Laura & I left NM in ‘72 and I went
to work at the US Army Electronic Proving Ground in Arizona, and while
there I earned another graduate degree in Optical Science from U of Az.
From there I went to the National Security Agency (NSA) in MD for ten
delightful years and then back to U of Az where I was Director of Research
at the Optical Sciences Center (OSC). I am retired from both the NSA and
UA/OSC now, and Laura continues as an auditor with U. of AZ. I consult to
aerospace industry on image science and automatic target recognition, and I
also engage in some research on automated image understanding with a few
publications behind me.


John Bart Wilburn
Recognition Research
9712 N. Sandy Mesa PL
Tucson, Az 85743
520-235-2049 cell
520-744-3672 land line


Peter Zimmerman, January 4, 2001

I’m not lost! Take me off the “lost classmate list”!

For the last two years I’ve been the arms control science adviser at the State Department in Wahighton, a job I’ve loved but will lose in 16 days since it’s a presidential appointment, and we will have a new president on the 20th . Ive also been a professor at Louisiana State and George Washington Universities and a researcher at several DC think-tanks.

In 1967 Eva Daniels of Helsingborg, Sweden and I married, and we’ve stuck it out happily for almost 34 years now. Two kids Eric a physicist at Columbia University, and Becky, Legislative Affairs Coordinator for Zero Population Growth in DC.

I went to Stanford (B.S. ’63), spent a year studying in Sweden (where Eva and I met), and finished out a Ph.D. back at Stanford in 1969.

10125Nedra Dr.
Great Falls, VA 22066

Peter Zimmerman, February 21, 2004

As soon as the paperwork straightens out, we're moving to London where I'm returning to my first love, teaching university students. I've been appointed Chair of Science & Security at King's College London. And been given a very large MacArthur Foundation grant to establish a center (ok, the Brits write it Centre) for Science & Security Studies. It's an all-graduate program designed to show science students and professionals how to work in the policy world. It's a fusion of the double career I've had, being a pure physicist for the first half and a science-and-security policy professional for the second half. Should be very enjoyable except for the fact that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and their payscales are very low. Why the paperwork problems? The British (literally) invented red tape, and they have been extraordinarily good at twisting everything in it for more than 200 years.

In principle I'm supposed to move to the UK sometime in the next 3 weeks. Hard to tell whether it's predetermined or indefinite, since the appointment is for 3 years to start with, but can be extended if I bring in funding (and surely I will; I always have) -- but they have a mandatory retirement age of 67. We all know how old we are and can do the arithmetic.


Peter Zimmerman, August 10, 2004


I’ve moved on to the new job.  I’m Prof and Chair of Science & Security at King’s College London in (where else) London, England.


Penny Naughton Beaumont, February 22, 2004

Katherine and Marty: This is from Penny Naughton, now Beaumont.

I got the postcard about the reunion and am excited at the thought of seeing everyone in the fall. I sent a short bio update yesterday, but (in case anyone is interested!) here’s the longer version:

I attended UNM, pledged Pi Beta Phi, and married before graduating. After 10 years of marriage and one daughter, I divorced and returned to NM from Seattle, living in Albuquerque for a year and finishing my degree. I then had the great good luck to meet Roger Beaumont, who was a professor of history at Wisconsin. Before we married in 1974, he took a job at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and so we came here and have remained. Roger’s two children, Anne and Eric, lived in Milwaukee but visited us often, and we have truly become a ‘blended’ family over these past 30 years.

In 1976, I went to work at Texas A&M, and rose thru the ranks as a writer, editor and administrator, building two communications programs in engineering, and eventually, became Vice Chancellor for Communications and Development at the Texas A&M System, which includes 10 universities and eight research and service agencies. I spent much of my career ‘communicating’ with the Texas Legislature and Congress which was to say the least a challenge. I retired in July, but continue as a consultant to the agencies, and also continue my private consulting business assisting non-profits with fund development and communications.

Through the years, Roger and I did a lot of traveling in Europe, most often to research the books he wrote—some 13 over the years. I became interested in child welfare issues, and served on a state board overseeing the child protective services agency for seven years. I’ve also been pretty active here in Bryan-College Station with various community agencies, again focusing on child welfare. I currently sit on the board of directors for the Foundation for Women’s Resources, and the Texas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) at the state level, as well the boards of several local health-related and child-related agencies.

Roger and I spent 2001-2002 in the UK researching a book we are writing together, and have two more projects on tap when this one is finished. He retired in May, and we are doing a bit of traveling, including spending three months in Santa Fe this summer, from July until October.

I look forward to catching up with everyone. Have seen Rusty and Ann Hiller and Chuck and JD Wellborn each summer while in NM, but other than that, haven’t been in touch with many HHS folks. Since we will be there from July on, let me know if there is some way I can help with the reunion.


Penny Beaumont
Special Assistant to the Director
Texas Transportation Institute
Room 223 Gilchrist Building


Diane Lowry Doe December 1, 2003  

Dear Marty and Kathy,

I cannot find the web site for the Class of 59, so I looked in the last book I have & got your email address. I sold my house in Placitas last January, got married the previous August in Santa Fe, wonderful man that was living in Houston when we met.  So I changed my name from DIANE GREEN to Diane Doe. My husband got a good job offer from Amgen, whose headquarters are in Thousand Oaks, CA, approx. 45 miles north & west of LA, so that is where we moved approx. 10 months ago Its very expensive here the housing, & I just passed the CA real estate exam so I am going back to work for Coldwell Banker, which is the same company I worked for in Albuquerque. I visit the area as often as I can as I have grown children, 4 grandchildren & lots of friends there in NM. The next time there, time permitting, I would wasnt to come by to see some of Kathy’s art work.  Do you have anything you can email me?

If you could forward this with my new name & address to whomever keeps our class information, I would appreciate it.

Diane Doe  class name is Diane Lowry, & then it was Diane Green for years.

701 N. Conejo School Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Thank you so much, Diane


Denny Moore June 11, 2001

Wife: Norma
3040 Seven Arrows Court.
Canon City, CO 81212
3 boys-39,36,31          5 grandkids-2girls and 3 boys

Profession: Real estate investments. Currently I am a real estate broker for Canon Land and Investment-Century 21-Canon City, Colorado.  I am also a partner inOakwook Building and Development Co., Fremont County’s largest home builder.  I also develop land for sale and do a lot of mortgage investing. Mostly, though, I play golf ( I’m lousy!) and fish as we have a boat we keep at Blue Mesa Reservoir, Gunnison, Colorado.  I love to bird hunt and make several trips to Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, et al each year for that purpose. We travel extensively but try to spend a lot of time with our family, though 1 of my granddaughters lives in Orlando, so we only see her once or twice a year. We often come to Albuquerque and/or Santa Fe and/or Taos on golf trips with friends.

Norma is my second wife, going on 25 years this October. Met her when she was just a pup when I was Vice President in charge of lending at First national Bank of Canon City. I ended up leaving the bank in 1972 and marrying her in 1976. Norma is now excutive Vice President of the same bank, going on  31 years.

We have been very fortunate in our lives.  The Lord has blessed us with a great family, good hearth overall, and a wonderful area to live in. Although I developed asthma and high blood pressure (treatable), we are thankful everyday for what we have.


Allen Davis January 14, 2004

510 Doral Place
Garland, TX 75043


I went to UNM for one semester after HS and then joined the Navy for 4 years.  Then came back to UNM for another semester.  Then came to Dallas hoping to find fame and fortune in 10/64. Met Ruth Dundridge in Feb ’65 and we married in 11/65. She still puts up with me after all these yrs. We have a son and a dtr and a grandson who will be 3 on xmas eve (03). We just adore him and spend as much time with him as possible.  I graduated from North Tx. State University (now Univ. Of N. TX.) in ’70. And in 73 rec’d my Master of Science in social work.  Most of my career was working at the VA with contract nursing homes and adult day care centers. My job was ½ in the office and ½ in the field. My wife retired in 1999 or maybe it was 2000.  I retired 11/2001.  I am in excellent health and feel as if I were 43.  Fortunately, my kids live in DFW metroplex. Along the way, I rec’d a commission in the army reserves and was able to retire a Lt. Colonel...I’m not great on the computer but my son has a Comp. Sc. Degree.  He helps me PRN.


Katherine (Howard) and Marty Clifton February 16, 2004

Subject: Recruiting New Web master for 2004-2005

Dear Classmates,

As we draw near the 45th Anniversary of HHS’s Class of 1959, we’re pleased to have completed this brand new version of the HHS59 web site and hope you will enjoy it and use it to locate and communicate with our classmates. We’ll be keeping you abreast of the HHS59 Reunion Planning Committee plans for this year’s reunion, now scheduled for September 17-18 as we firm them up.

As we mentioned on the Home Page, Marty and I are looking for another classmate to take over the Web master duties after this reunion or perhaps at the end of the year. The way we’ve been sharing the duties is that Marty manages the electronic publishing and Katherine does the editing.  We’d hope these duties could rotate to someone else every so often to keep the site active and fresh.

It has been rather a long haul getting the web site finally completed and online and we’ve had the help of classmates and designers alike.  This time around we engaged Gary Priester to revise the HHS59 web site originally provided by John Stewart’s son Jim. We’re grateful to John and Jim for their contributions. John Stewart continues to sponsor the site, which lives on Southwest Cyberport’s host computer. We’re also grateful to Gary Priester for all his extracurricular efforts to get us to the point where we could actually manage the site on a current basis. That means we can finally take your changes of addresses, letters and other news and input the information into the site for everybody.   Future web masters may have the computer skills and creativity to further develop the site as well as maintain it.

One of the reasons why we feel comfortable with the idea of handing off the site to a new web master is because Gary Priester helped us build the new site with a wonderfully user friendly program called NetObjects Fusion7. One of its tutorial programs takes you through building a sample site in about an hour.  If you’re working in Microsoft Word and can comfortably surf the web, you are probably a qualified candidate for the new HHS59 Web master.  If you’re interested, just click and write us a note.

Go Hornets

Katherine and Marty


Monte Clausen, February 24, 2004

Marty, thanks for keeping me on the list. Unfortunately, I can't make the reunion in Sept. One of my daughters is being married on 9/18 at Lake Tahoe. I'm with the U.S. Attorney's Office here in Tucson. I have 5 children - Clint runs the Fiamma Restaurant at the MGM Grand in Vegas, Darren is an attorney here in Tucson, Marcy is a UA grad. and is marrying a young dentist in Sept., Cicely got her MBA at UA three years ago, and married Darren's best friend last June in Chicago, and Crystal is a flight attendant for United living in Boston. I've been married to Joan for 13 years- she has 3 children I'm very close to. My father died in December 2000, and my mother died in July 2001.

I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of the last reunion. Take care,



John (Keibel) Blackwood, March 8, 2004

Hey, I'm a very public person (wanna see my surgery scars?), and I can't
afford anything worth stealing. Tell the world! I think I sent the phone and
email contacts, and snail mail should be sent to me at P. O. Box 2217,
Vashon, WA 98070. Folks around here call me Keibel, but at Highland I went
by Blackwood. Since my parents decided not to go the adoption route (I was
my father's only child), my legal name was Keibel with total disregard for
what people called me. It turned out to be no big deal, although a couple of
people at UNM who knew me from Highland were inclined to call me "Blackwood
or Keibel or whatever the heck your name is". Hey, get tough and get over
it, guys. I did.

So if there is anything else interesting that I can provide, let me know. Oh
- I live on Vashon Island, just southwest of Seattle and north of Tacoma. Is
there anyone else out this way?

I'll plan to be there in September. It will be the second big road trip this
year, and both will have included Albuquerque. This could turn into an
unhealthy fixation...

John (Blackwood) Keibel

P.O. box 2217 Vashon, WA 98070


 John Solenberger  February 25, 2004


First of all, thanks for sending the card on the website..brought back a
lot of memories..and thanks for your work put into it. Right now, I am
planning to attend the Sept. reunion you are scheduling.

Update-July 20, 2004 Please note in my file that I have now retired from Du Pont. My mailing address remains the same. However, please change my e-mail address to In my previous note to you I mentioned that major interests these days include massive rock gardening and global traveling. I smiled thinking of that when Delaware Today Magazine featured our rock quarry garden in their June issue and we got the pictures back from our latest vacation trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It's been a wild year! If you enjoy gardens you might like to take a look at the article..just get past the cover page.

Regards, John

Some personal info:

John C. Solenberger
5 Wood Rd
Wilmington,DE, 19806

B.S. Chem(UNM),PhD.Chem(Washington U,St.Louis)
Planning Mgr DuPont High Performance Plastics in
EE Systems for automotive and Industrial/Consumer
applications such as the Segway Human Transporter.
m to Sumako(Hachiman,Japan).
Hobbies: Massive Rock Gardening and Global Traveling

I laughed when I started putting down "rock gardening".."Rock gardening"
is what I did on a small scale around our family house in the area of
Wyoming/Menaul while at HHS so many years ago. What Sumako and I do now
is a little different. Our house was built on the edge of a historical
granite rock quarry in Wilmington. Our backyard includes a quarry face 50
yards long that varies in depth from 15 to 40 feet. I've moved over 300
cubic yards of dirt into that quarry with a wheelbarrow and together with
my late father moved a bunch of major rocks to shape the garden and build
the rock walls and staircases.The "bird bath" chunck of granite in the
foreground weighs about a half ton and was moved up an incline with the
hep of cables,pulleys etc. Our garden is now on the Garden Tour around
here: (See attached file: GardenPicture.jpg)The global traveling bit comes
from having racked up 3million plus miles worldwide developing
transformers, EE systems from hybrid and electric vehicles etc. I also led
the development of the electric motors for the Segway HT: (See attached
file: SegwayDuPontMag.jpg) . Our spring vacation this year will be spent
in the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador. Look forward to seeing everyone this fall,


Wave your pointer over the “P” boxes below:

    John’s Garden

            John’s Segway Electric Motor


Carolyn (Kepler) Reid,  March 10, 2004


Please revise my name and address:

Carolyn Kepler Reid    (Please drop the Martha, I never used it)
2891 S. Valentia St.
Denver CO 80231
Phone: 303.751.8228

So sorry I may not be able to come to this reunion, have a trip planned to
bike along the Danube from Vienna to Budapest these very dates in the
fall of 04  (with my sister Sue Kepler Schmidt, class of 61, and our

Sorry I also missed the last one, heard it was great.  Anybody reading
this  who wishes to contact me and just say hi, please use my email
address:  and also please use HHS 59 in the Subject
line.    Hope to hear  from Vera, Murray, Mike, Jay, Ron, Steve, Cathy,Peggy, Nancy, Sandy and others.



Robert B (Bob) Butler

Hello Marty!

I would have graduated in 1958 if I had continued school instead of joining the Navy. I was at HHS for the 1956-1957 school year.

We moved to the valley, on Van Cleve, for my senior year but I attended Valley High for only a few months. I quit and joined the Navy in Oct 1957. We moved from Salt Lake City, Central Junior High and South High. I got my GED in 1961 when I got out of the Navy and my BS cumlaude in 1975 after ten years of night school. I married a House, NM country girl and we had four kids.

I correspond regularly with Rondee Battershell (HHS58) as she and I were in the same classes.

I remember when Rondee's little orange car was put between the big Safeway sign posts. We watched as the macho football team literally picked it up and set it there.

I was the one that sent the guy to the hospital when he pulled a knife on me in the gym after knocking my books from my hands. I was 6'3" tall and probably weighed 160 pounds and dressed city slicker. I had a blond DA hairdo when I first attended but cut it real quick because I did not fit. If I remember correctly there were three dress codes going on then, Cowboys, ?, ? I ran with a college student that had a '57 Ford convertible and we gave rides to a lot of girls. My car was a black '51 Ford two door Deluxe hot rod with a Merc engine. I had a wreck summer of '57 (I rear-ended a '53 Pontiac, idiot stopped in the middle of an intersection when it was raining). I had to remove the bent grill so I painted it all red inside where the grill used to be.

Do you remember me?.

I would like to be kept on the list:

Robert B (Bob) Butler

25 Harness Way


Hartsel, CO 80449


My Cherokee name is Staya Udanvti. (stah yah oo dah nunh tee) meaning Stands Tall Gently


Vera Cordova Little, July 7, 2004

The Good News: I retired in 2003 after a wonderful 30-year career as a high school teacher and middle school administrator; I still enjoy working part-time for the school district. Since retiring, I celebrated 50 Years of Friendship with a trip to NYC with three classmates: Judy Paxton, Rebecca Boyd, and Dixie Gomel (see picture below) and I took seven teenagers to Kashiwa, Japan for the Sister City Association. Our two beautiful daughters have blessed us with three grandchildren (all geniuses, of course)! The Bad News: Frequent trips to the gym are doing nothing for keeping the flab under control (Hello, Joyce Cohen!).

John Beauchanp, April 24, 2004

Thank-you for establishing this website. At the moment, due to my work
schedule, I may not be able to attend the reunion. I am,however, still
attempting to clear the details.

I am wondering if you have heard from or know how to contact Richard Mock,
John Sollenberger and John Williams. I lost track of everyone after I left
New Mexico in 1961. At the 1989 Reunion, Reinhardt Quelle said, “Richard
sold all of his possessions and became a missionary in South America."
On checking your website I also learned, sadly, that Reinhardt had passed.
A couple of days ago, when I heard someone complaining about the 'immoral
dress practice of teenage males who wear their pants low with their
underwear showing,' I thought of Reinhardt, who as a teenager at Jefferson
Jr. High, showed me how to pull and wear my pants on my hips in order to "be
cool." - Along with the plain black shoes and white T-shirts.

Please tell me if you have any idea how to contact any of these classmates.
In particular, I would like to contact Richard Mock and John Williams.

My e-mail addresses are:

My California address is: 375 Blue Jay Way
Napa, California 94558

My California telephone and FAX number are the same: 707-252-4712

With many thanks,
John Beauchamp

Gene Allen, August 1, 2004

Hi, Cousin! (Marty Clifton and Gene Allen are real cousins, ED.)

Thanks for sending the e-mail reminder. I had checked the web site a while back and was impressed at the quality. Also, pleased to see all the activities that are lined up for the reunion.

I thought that this would be the one to be able to attend, since I was involved in performances all those summers and could not do so. WELL, son #2, Dr. Greg Allen, is getting married in Dallas the week before, and since I am starting classes the week before that, I will not be able to take that much time away.

SO, best wishes to all who are in volved and to all who attend. I think of many great moments at HHS, and will always cherish them. I was sorry to see new names listed in memorium section, but glad to hear of the scholarship program the class is continuing.

I hope all is well with you. We were in southern New Mexico over Christmas/New Year holiday-still shopping and hoping.

As ever,


Peigi Benham Szvetcz (Caroline), August 10, 2004

Hi, this is Peigi Benham Szvetecz (Caroline) - I just sent my email, other information: address: 2115 Payton Circle, Colorado Springs, CO. I graduted from Colorado College in 1963, got an MSW at the U. of Denver in 1965,and received my J.D. from the U. of Colorado in 1975. I was a judge in El Paso County, Colorado, from 1987 until July 1, 2002, when I retired. I now work part time as a Senior Judge for the State of Colorado, covering when other judges are at training, ill, on vacation, etc. I married Frank C. Szvetecz, M.D., in 1975 (2nd marriage for each of us). Between us we have five children, and six grandchildren.

Ed Wood, August 4, 2004

Retired after 32 years melting glass for Corning.  Traveled all over the US and spent a year in Hungary. Now have the best of all worlds, summer in New Hamshire and winter in Las Cruces, NM.  Married for 30+ years to Donna who is originally from Massachusetts. Two children and three grandchildren (triplets)

Carole Sahling Wright, July 23, 2004

Hi there friends,

My name is Carole SAHLING Wright.  Alittle about me:

I graduated from Highland High in 1959, like the rest of you.  I attended UNM for a short time while I worked for Ellison, Arcihect and Associates. I met my “Mr. Right” in 1963 and we were married in 1965.  We moved to Houston, Texas in 1966 where Walt and I both went to work for the Aerospace industry.  When we started a family in 1969, I quit work and stayed home for nine years until the kids (a boy and a girl) were in school full time.  I went to work for our local high school so that I could be home with the kids when they were home and working when they were in school.

I worked at Dobie High School (sec. to four assistant principals) for 23 years and retired in 2002.  My husband, Walt, worked as a subcontractor for NASA (Lockheed-Martin) for 34 years and also retired in 2000.  Fortunately, Walt and I enjoy the same things, so we’re best friends. We are crew for a hot air balloon, the “Orange Delight”. The pilot and his wife are close friends of ours whom we play with regularly. We’ll going to the Hot Air Balloon raly in Alpine, TX, in August and we’ll crew for them again at the Manned Spacecraft Center at the end of August (UGH! The heat)!! We crewed for Team Eagle in Albuquerque four years in a row at the Kodak International Hot Air Balloon Festival 1997-2000. Tahat is a spectacular event.  It’s a lot of work but a heck of a lot of fun.

We also love to travel.  We just got back July 2 from a Baltic Sea Cruise.

We have a small ranch (27 acres-yes, that’s small in Texas) where we raise longhorn cattle.We spend quite a bit of time at the ranch. Not that the cattle need us—they don’t, but it’s a place to get away from the “concrete jungle”.

Here’s my address and email:

Carole Wright
11427 Sageking Dr.
Houston, TX 77089

Hope to see in September, Carole

Ned Hicks, April 23, 2004

NED HICKS APRIL 23, 2004 Ned writes that he is heavily involved with the church that he pastors in Spur, TX and writes extensively on the subjects that he preaches.  He is recovering from a series of heart attacks, and I’d have to say quite well, as he was looking forward to some wild boar hunting with his visiting son, a detective in Albuquerque, on the evening of the last note.  He is planning to attend the reunion. He hasn’t been to any of the Class of 59’s reunions, but an early church reunion, he says, made him feel old. Now he figures he is old, and so are we all, and he’s looking forward to getting together.



Ned Hicks, Sept. 14, 2004

I just returned from Lubbock where I discovered I will be unable to
attend the REUNION this year. My plans were to have left Thursday
morning and enjoyed the time together with those of the CLASS OF '59!

However, it appears the bypasses in my leg and also my heart have
clogged up again and I'll be undergoing two separate surgeries -- if I
live through them.

If it is possible and the money hasn't been spent at the various
places, I would like for the $90.00 to be placed in the SCHOLARSHIP

My best wishes for a great REUNION and my thoughts will be there.

Dr. Ned Hicks

Ned Hicks, Sept. 28, 2004

home -- a little worse for the wear!

Yesterday morning I entered LUBBOCK HEART HOSPITAL for an angiogram and
was most upset when I found out, that even though I had taken my DNR
and made sure they had a copy to find out my heart had stopped, I had
been literally beaten on...and when that didn't work, had been
electronically shocked back to life.

A stint was placed in a heart artery past where one of the bypasses was
placed in February -- and each leg has three arteries in it -- two in
my right leg are 100% blocked just below the knew "all the way" and
cannot be bypassed and I have arterial disease in both legs. As long
as the one artery is keeping enough blood to the foot and lower leg to
keep it going I'll be alright -- but when it ceases to do so, it will
be amputated.

Two of the heart valves are leaking, but they are treating it with well as more medicine (I think a blood thinner) to keep
the blood flowing in my leg.

Dr. Alley called me this morning and calmed me down a little about the
restarting of my heart and explained that technically it was not a
violation of my orders as they knew I had not been gone long enough
for any brain damage and that he would have done the same thing, even
knowing how I feel and about the DNR. Plus he added, "I'm glad they
did -- I wouldn't be talking to you now if they hadn't."

So I'll continue to trust God and know He has more for me to do -- but
I am to take it easy for a while longer. Prayerfully, I'll have my
newest cookbook printed next week -- my book of poetry was completed
last week, and we nearly have SIGNS OF HIS COMING, A verse-by-verse
commentary of Matthew 14 ready to go to the publisher.

And on top of that, I continue praying I'll be able to finish preaching
through REVELATION and having them published.

Once again I want to thank you for your concern and prayers!


Bruce Lemm, May 12, 2004

Aloha Class of ’59,

I’ve been here in Hawaii since August of 77...only been back to ABQ Xmas of 62 and Jul 82. I retired from computers when I moved here so no virus or email worries.

Saw Murray and Sali here in Kona years ago and Margaret Radin and Pete Zimmerman @ Stanford reunion 10 years ago.  I’ve not really kept up with classmates either place.

Divorced Friday the 13th, Jan 1984.  No kids, still single.  Same address, phone number, bank account last 27 years...On the ocean, salt eats everything, never boring.  Traveled/lived Japan, Australia, England, Southern Africa, Rio, NYC and Vegas.

Still have my Highlanders!

Some in the Class of 59
Known since 4th grade...Karen Gunn, Mary Overton
Neighbors...Evelyn Sumida, Gail Lawrence
Thespian friend...Mariyn Davies
Always sat behind Sue Lewing
Special Aloha! Have fun!

76-6246 Alii Drive #211
Kailua-Kona, HI 9674808-329-1508


Pamela Jo Johnson Griffith, August 23,

Monday, August 23, 2004

Dear Reunion Committee,
I appreciate hearing about the upcoming 45th reunion of Highland High on September 16th, 17th and 18th but will be unable to attend.  We had already made plans to attend the Hot Air Ballon Festival the first weekend in October and are looking forward to seeing that and visiting with family and friends.

It has been 8 years since I’ve been in Albuquerque.  Still have a sister living in Belen and we jost don’t get home as often as we would like.  We have lived in East Tennessee for 40 years now and it is home though I have fond memories of growing up in Albuquerque.

My husband is a semi-retired accountant. I still work 30 hours a week at the local Methodist church as Administrative Assistant-have worked here 23 years and love it but am looking forward to retirement in a couple of years. There is so much I would like to do and just not enough time!

We enjoy staying busy, walking almost daily and working out twice a week- got to keep the old body moving so it won’t give out on us. We have two wonderful children- both married but have no grandchildren yet.

Thought I would send this newpaper article with our picture so you can put it on a bulletin board or something or the people who are unable to attend.

Have a good reunion!

Pamela Jo Johnson Griffith
105 Lewis Lane
Erwin, TN 37650


Bob Fulton, Sept. 14, 2004

To All
Unfortunately we will not be able to attend the reunion this year. Hope all
of you have a great time seeing and visiting with each other. We will look at
the website afterward to see the postings.
We are still living in the Great Northwest-Bellevue,Wa. Have 5 grandsons and
having a wonderful time with them and travelling.
We will be in Albuquerque from about Oct 4 to 15. Any of you that want to,
please contact us at Ginger's mom's home 505-299-3224 or send us an e-mail at

Bob and Ginger Fulton

Pat Holt Shattuck, August 18, 2004











 Rita Burmeister Griffith, August 22, 2004

August 23, 2004

Fellow classmates:

I am writing in the hope that some of you will be interested in knowing what happened to me after leaving HHS and others of you  might even be inspired to send me an e-mail or call if they should you ever come to Seattle, where I have lived for the past 35 years. 

I went to UNM, spent two years in DC and three in Eugene, Oregon before coming to Seattle. I am an attorney and my husband teaches American Literature at the University of Washington. We have three children and two grandchildren.  I am very fortunate that they all live nearby.  I am a criminal appellate attorney, although one of the reasons that I can’t come to the reunion is that I am working on the defense team in a capital case at the trial level.

In 2003, I was awarded the William O. Douglas award for courage and dedication to the law by the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and that was the biggest honor of my professional life. 

I like to quilt, read, walk on the beach and work cross word puzzles.  I can no longer play softball, but I am a devoted baseball fan (even if the Seattle Mariners are having a very bad years).

I recently looked through the annual and enjoyed thinking about the class of 59. My e-mail address is  I am sure the reunion will be a great success. Rita (Burmeister) Griffith
Sharon Swortwood Reimann, August 28, 2004
91 19th Avenue North
Jacksonville, FL 32250

It is hard to believe that I am not going to be at this reunion. This will make zero that I have been to. There has always been something REALLY important happening on the same weekend – some happy things and some sad things. Maybe I will make the 50th?  Is it possible to check the date out with me before the decision is made?  (I am just kidding, of course.)

A check is enclosed for the scholarship fund.  At least I can participate in this part of the reunion.

Hope everyone has a wonderful time.  I will be thinking about you.



Norma Imbt Riggins, Sept. 2, 2004

Norma Imbt Riggins is alive and well. I now live in Houston, Texas and have for the last 40 years. Unfortunately, I work at a private school and cannot be there for the reunion. My e-mail address is My home address is: 4020 Betsy Lane. Houston, Texas 77027-home phone-713-622-5936. I would love to hear from any of my classmates.

Cathy Lake Nesbitt, Sept. 6, 2004

Hi there,

Just a little update on the Nesbitts (Cathy Lake Nesbitt and Julian). We live at 60 Biddle Road, Sumter, SC 29153. Phone 803-469-6953, E-mail: cathynesbitt@FTC-I.NET.

Julian and I live on a little farm with three horses, 10 chickens, a dog and a cat. I am working full time at the local hospital. I am a Certified Medical Coder and code ER records. Julian works part time at one of the local golf courses.

When we are not working at our jobs, or working on our place, I am working with my horses and Julian is playing golf. I have become involved in long distance indurance riding. I train, condition and race my own horses. It is the most fun I have ever had in my life and I love it. I have three Arabians, and have raced two of them. They have done very well. I am currently training a new horse in hopes of riding 50 mile races. He is younger than the other horses and better able to race 50 miles. The other two are great 25-30 mile horses.

Julian plays lots of golf and works very hard around here. We have stalls to clean, grass to cut, pastures to maintain, etc. Even though he doesn't ride at all, he is great to help me with the horses.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


Wayne Pond, Sept. 9, 2004

Dear Friends,

We'll miss the reunion but wanted to say hello from the Southern Part of
Heaven, A.K.A. Chapel Hill and vicinity.

After Highland, Wayne attended B.Y.U. In 1967, I came to UNC Chapel Hill,
where I earned a Ph.D. in American literature. I then taught for two years
at the University of Alabama. Between 1979 and 1997 I was director of
public programs at the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park,
NC. In 1997 I returned to Chapel Hill to join the UNC Humanities Program,
which I now direct. This is the principal means of public outreach of the
College of Arts and Sciences, offering "Adventures in Ideas" seminars for
the public, teachers, and business and professional executives

Mary Donna grew up in Clinton, NC, and went to school at Salem College in
Winston-Salem. She's the office manager at University Presbyterian Church
in Chapel Hill.

Between the two of us, we have three children -- two in their thirties, one
still in her twenties -- and five grandchildren.

Have a fine reunion!
Wayne & Mary Donna Pond
1333 Fearrington Post
Pittsboro, NC 27312
Phone: 919-542-3452
Margaret Radin, Sept. 2, 2004

Weird about the non-delivery. I sold my house but my mail is supposedly being forwarded. Anyway, my new address is 725 Clark Way, Palo Alto CA 94304. And this academic year I am visiting at University of Michigan Ann Arbor, so 400 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104 will also work. I can't come to the reunion--too much traveling around and packing and unpacking this summer and fall. Alas. I hope to see Jay in Chicago sometime while I am in the midwest this year. I am going to try to attach a picture.


Patti Lou Camp, Sept. 28, 2004

What a wonderful weekend the committee planned for us! Thank you so much! The highlight for me was the BBQ at Norm Lazar’s house. The food was the best – I could have eaten it all weekend! The house tour was out of this world.  Our vote is that the house should be shown in “Better Homes and Gardens”! It was great seeing everyone again; everyone looked wonderful. I don’t think we have aged at all – well maybe just a little!

George and I are retired at Sun City Vistoso north of Tucson in the beautiful town of Oro Valley.  After my back surgery (another one) two years ago I decided to quit the consulting business for good and concentrate on regaining my health.  Six months of that and I am back teaching computer courses in our state of the art Sun City computer lab and taking tap dancing (no jumping, just heel lifts). That as well as exercise, bridge playing, socializing and building my own web site ( keep me very busy. This fall I am planning a 90th birthday party for my mother and we do plan a trip to California at Christmas time to visit my girls and their families.  George is also busy with his computer and he helps protect Sun City by being a member of the Posse.

As for our 50th – I suggest that we have the two day event just like past reunions but then for some of us who would like to extend the friendships, plan something extra like – a trip to Hawaii (Kauai maybe – I haven’t seen it since hurricane Iniki in `92) or a cruise – Alaska or the Caribbean. I am sure others can think of many more suggestions too!

Thank you for the wonderful time in Albuquerque; it truly was one of my favorite trips.

Patti Camp & George Smith

Sandy Barrows, June 29, 2010

I went on the Highland High School Class of 59 website for the first time today, and I saw that I am a "missing person". I would like to give you my address for any future flyers, emails, or correspondence.

Sandra Shuler (Barrows)
7804 E Dallas Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74014