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Scholarship Fund


The Emergency Scholarship Fund was created as a project of the Class of '59's 40th Reunion. Classmates' generous contributions resulted in a check in the amount of $1700.00 made out to Highland in December 1999. The school has sent thank you notes as those who made extra donations will know and we have received a copy of the form that is being used by students applying for funds. It looks just like what we had in mind.

For those unable to attend the reunion in September, what we had in mind was to provide a fund that could be used by students for whom a small amount of money could make a significant difference in their ability to continue to attend and maintain their academic standing.

(A letter from Highland High School about the application of the funds follows.)

It's our hope that we, as a class, will continue to support this project and that we will be able to interest other classes in participating. The Class of '60's organizing group has already expressed an interest in sponsoring the fund at their upcoming 40th.

Anyone who would like to learn more details about the Fund or who wants to make a donation at any time should contact Rusty Hiller, our money guy for the Class of '59's 40th. You can reach Rusty at 4134 Coe Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110/ email

Many thanks to everyone for their help!

4700 Coal Avenue SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
Phone: 265-3711

Ms. Carolyn Posey
987 Lynx Loop NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

l9 May 20OO

Ms. Posey,

Hope this letter finds you and the class of 1959 well! Attached is a summary of the expenditures for the highland Student Emergency Fund for the past year 1999-2000. Funds were officially available in mid-December of 1999. This report covers that period through May 19,2000. Since we are entering finals week for all students and our seniors have graduated, if another expenditure is made before today and May 25,2000, I will forward an updated form. Once again, we at Highland are very grateful for the class of 1959's contribution to the success of Highland students. The attached list is the list of emergency fund expenditures that were approved. Other requests were submitted and although they may have been valid requests, funds to cover those expenses were able to be secured elsewhere, from donations or other resources.

Please send our thanks again to the class members of 1959.


Lynn M. Kenneally, M.Ed.
Site Coordinator, HHSC

Eartha Lynn,
Principal Highland High School

cc: Rusty Hiller, Treasurer






Birth Certificate from California to secure Medicaid for a student who's mother left state without her. Graduated in May 2000 after living on her own for the entire year






Assist student in obtaining an ID card





Provide funds for a student to attend a ROTC field trip to Jacksonville whose family would have been unable to provide the experience.





Assist a student who lives on his own pay for graduation cap, gown and announcements after mother reneged on promise to help. (Young man had already paid the deposit on his own)





Provide student living on own to attend regional competition for drill team.





Provide summer bus pass for student to attend summer school at alternative site





Provide summer bus pass for student to attend summer school at alternative site