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Trussell Leads Senior Class

Lee Trussell was elected president of the senior class in an election last Monday. His assisting officers are Beth James, vice­President; Karen Dorris, seretary, and Charles Abernathy, treasurer.

"We're open to suggestions for a good senior project this year," Lee stated. "I would like to have a Senior Lounge seventh period."

Lee is active in Lads, H Club, and is president of Hi-Y.

Beth is committee head in Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y and F.N.A. "I hope the seniors will really support this year's candy sale," she said.

Dickson Heads HHS Student Council
Officers Elected to Assist

SHOWN LEFT are Highland's newly-elected Student Council Officers. They are (left to right) Gayle Atkinson, Walt Richards, Dennis Dickson, and Pat Bellew. (Swigger Photo)